How can Powderhouse Studios…

  1. …benefit from Central Office's expert support?
  2. …smoothly integrate with Central Administration's workflows and processes?
  3. …identify opportunities to contribute to other schools and offices in SPS?




Who's it for?

People who would benefit from…

  1. …a smaller, more intimate, and tightly-knit setting
  2. …spending substantially more time working on hands-on projects of their own design

What's the work?

What's the schedule?

What's the content?

Who are the people?


You can find this slideshow at

  1. Innovation School statute, and regulations, and DESE overview
  2. Original prospectus
  3. Innovation Plan, version 1
  4. DESE reliefs request and approval
  5. Innovation Plan, version 2
  6. Powderhouse Studios homepage
  7. June 2017 School Committee presentation
  8. 2018 executive summary